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Review of “Mendel’s Dwarf” by Simon Mawer

In an earlier post, I promised to review some of the novels on the Lab Lit List that I’ve enjoyed and think are worth reading but don’t address what I see as a gaping hole in the portrayal of both science and scientists in fiction.  I finished reading Simon Mawer’s Mendel’s Dwarf (Harmony Books, 1998) […]

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Review of “Seaside Pleasures” by Ann Lingard

After reading three “page turners” in rapid succession, Ann Lingard’s thoughtful, introspective Seaside Pleasures was a pleasant change of pace.  Set in England, the story is told in the first person by several characters, three in the present and one in the mid-Nineteenth Century.  The story is held together by the science of malacology, the […]

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Looking Backward and Forward

Update, July 14, 2013: My review of Pippa Goldschmidt’s recently published novel, The Falling Sky, just went live this morning: see (See also a guest review by Hank Kastner.) It’s one of three great novels about science that I’ve read in the last month. Goldschmidt’s is particularly interesting because it’s another illustration of how […]

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Review of “Experimental Heart” by Jennifer Rohn

Is it because I live in the States that I didn’t hear about Experimental Heart when it came out? It was Jennifer Rohn’s first novel, and I read it before her second, The Honest Look, which I reviewed earlier. Once I began reading, I was absolutely ravished.  This was exactly what I’d been looking for […]

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