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Scientists as Public Figures

For most people, it is rare to see a working scientist on TV, hear one on the radio, or read about one in the news. Nobel laureates become of course instant celebrities, but their appearances tend to fade rapidly from the public spotlight. It is true that the better media outlets attempt to explain what […]

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Review of “Menachem’s Seed” by Carl Djerassi

Menachem’s Seed is the third novel Carl Djerassi himself lists as “science-in-fiction.”  I think the characters, setting and plot illustrate nicely problems of characterizing novels written about characters who are scientists in realistic settings involved in dilemmas stemming from contemporary scientific research.  You will no doubt recognize this as the definition of lab lit given […]

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Review of “A Hole in Texas” by Herman Wouk

I wish I’d read A Hole in Texas in 2004 when it was published!  I would have learned a great deal about how to write good fiction about science eight years earlier.  I’m not sure why I skipped it at the time.  I certainly knew about it from several reviews.  Maybe I felt that high-energy […]

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