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A New Look for the Website Those of you who follow this blog occasionally will have already noticed that the website has a new look. In fact, while the content remains unchanged, only three graphic elements from the original website are still present: my portrait photo, the graphic of the book cover for Vanessa’s Curve […]

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Fiction About Science at AWP 2014

I returned yesterday from Seattle where I attended the national meeting of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP). The conference was attended by over 10,000 people, an odd mixture of writers, writing programs, current students in writing programs, publishers and bookstores. The emphasis was definitely academic, and I felt at home with the […]

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Why No Posts Since October?

On September 27,2013, I posted a brief news note explaining why I hadn’t posted any reviews or commentaries. That was before my family and I lost someone we loved very much. I was able to continue posting for about two weeks because the posts had been drafted earlier and required little editing before I posted […]

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Why the Interruption?

I’ve missed a couple of weeks of posts, and I want to explain why. After several days of feeling increasing tired and losing my appetite (a bad sign; I love to eat!), my doctor ordered me to check into the emergency room. There I was diagnosed with a bad case of pneumonia and spent the […]

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Looking Backward and Forward

Update, July 14, 2013: My review of Pippa Goldschmidt’s recently published novel, The Falling Sky, just went live this morning: see (See also a guest review by Hank Kastner.) It’s one of three great novels about science that I’ve read in the last month. Goldschmidt’s is particularly interesting because it’s another illustration of how […]

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Review of “The God Patent” on

My review of The God Patent by Ransom Stephens is now live on the Lab Lit website. This is a wonderful mix of real science, science-fiction and religion, with a collection of appealing characters, about as different from each other as conceivable. If you are looking for fiction about science and scientists, Stephen’s  novel deserves your […]

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February and March Madness

Today I’m starting a new category of posts called “News.” They will focus on personal developments in my life that relate in some way to my blog on fiction about science. I’m writing this first news post because I haven’t been keeping up with a promise I made earlier to put up a post every […]

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