Guest Post: Samantha James Reviews “The Falling Sky”

The second copy of Pippa Goldschmidt’s The Falling Sky that I gave away after my talk at Village Books on January 26 went to Samantha James. Her review appears in this post.


The Falling Sky is a brilliant first novel by Pippa Goldschmidt.  Jeanette tells her story of balancing the events in her life with the struggles inherent in the world of academia.  Through the thoughts and feelings of Jeanette, a parallel is established between her life and the universe she studies.  The reader is able to understand how a person who approaches life in this unique way is designed and perhaps fated to enter the world of astronomy.

Jeanette finds herself stuck in an early trauma, challenged by the demands of her position as a Post Doctorate lecturer and a tragic figure in the world of love.  Goldschmidt creatively weaves this story with a wealth of factual knowledge about the science.  The personal and professional plots are woven together by building constant parallels between them.  A strong foundation is formed that later climaxes in madness and tragedy.  The conclusion forces people to challenge the stereotype of a “typical female scientist” as much as they challenge the very formation of our universe.

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