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Update, July 14, 2013:

My review of Pippa Goldschmidt’s recently published novel, The Falling Sky, just went live this morning: see lablit.com/article/783. (See also a guest review by Hank Kastner.) It’s one of three great novels about science that I’ve read in the last month. Goldschmidt’s is particularly interesting because it’s another illustration of how scientists really respond when they turn up a finding that goes against a very well supported theory. (See my earlier commentary on the role of negative results in science.)

For various reasons I won’t be reviewing any of the three novels on this blog. My Lab Lit review of The Falling Sky will suffice; if you’re interested, you can look it up. Flight Behavior is Barbara Kingsolver’s most recent novel. She’s well enough known that there are plenty of good reviews out there. I can only add my recommendation. A better qualified reviewer is currently working on a review of Mitchell Wilson’s Meeting at a Far Meridian for Lab Lit. This wonderful story about a Cold War physicist has been out of print for a while, but good used copies can be had at a reasonable price. Also strongly recommended.

Original post:

My posts in the last month or two have become more regular, but on my end they have felt a little schizophrenic. Here’s why

I began writing short reviews not long after I discovered the Lab Lit List in April of 2012. However, it wasn’t until July that I launched my blog with my first commentary post. Two months elapsed before I posted four short reviews, and another month past before I posted my first full review. In that time I had read and written reviews of 21 titles on the List. This allowed me to dole out reviews and commentaries with only minimal revisions before I posted them.

The unfortunate result is that my posts are now far behind my current reading. Another effect has been that reviews of some the best novels I read quite early (in April, 2012) have still not been published.

I also posted a set of capsule reviews of nine titles at the end of December. I promised to post the full reviews in the near future, but I still have at least three remaining. I have adhered to the order I proposed, inserting just one title not mentioned previous. And I stuck to my plan to post commentaries on topics related to each. With the posting of my review of Jennifer Rohn’s Experimental Heart, I’m going to abandon the commentaries, at least for a month or two. Next week, I’ll review Seaside Pleasures by Ann Lingard. Two more reviews will follow.

I’ve learned my lesson! After I’ve caught up with the reviews I promised to post, I’ll begin posting reviews and commentaries related to my current interests. Some will be from earlier; others will appear because I just finished reading a novel that really excited me.

On June 6, I introduced a special post linked to a tab called “Novels Reviewed to Date.” I have begun updating this post every time I post a new review. The titles are listed alphabetically, linked directly to the review, with the date of the post given and a notation when I thought the book deserved the special mention of a recommendation for some reason. I intend to keep this page updated, so it will always be available as a guide to new readers as well as those who wish to look up a title I’ve reviewed.

I’ll use the new category of “News” post for announcements like this one and for notices when a review or commentary written for another website, in particular, LabLit.com, goes live. I expect the reviews to cover books I’ve read very recently and want to call readers’ attention to them. So far, I’ve done this only twice, my LabLit.com review of The God Patent by Ransom Stephens and my essay on “The Hunt for Fiction About Science,” which was an expanded version of my very first post on this blog, “Why so little fiction about science?

Another purpose of the “News” posts is occasional announcements. I’m very pleased to be able to report that the eBook editions of my first novel, Vanessa’s Curve of Mind, are now available worldwide from Amazon.com  for the Kindle edition and Smashwords.com for all other platforms. (Search by title and on Smashwords, deactivate the adult filter.) For direct purchase, I have confirmed only that the eBook edition for Kobo can be found by title on KoboBooks.com.

Also, for the information of followers of this blog, you can contact me at my author website. I welcome comments, questions and suggestions.

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