Novels Reviewed to Date

Following are the titles of all the novels reviewed in this blog to date along with my personal recommendations. Asterisks (*) indicate either short reviews or references to reviews posted to other sites. Each title is a link to the review. Dates indicate when the review was posted. (This page will be updated as new reviews are posted.)

Arrowsmith;  Sinclair Lewis; 10-Aug-2013

Cantor’s Dilemma; Carl Djerassi; 26-Nov-2012; highly recommended

Carbon Dreams; Susan M. Gaines; 4-Jan-2013; highly recommended

Cosm; Gregory Benford; 31-Jan-2013

Experimental HeartJennifer Rohn; 6-Jul-2013

The Falling Sky*, Pippa Goldschmidt, 14-Jul-2013; highly recommended

Guest Review: Hank Kastner; 20-Feb-2014

Girl Pretending to Read Rilke, The; Barbara Riddle; 18-Jan-2013;  recommended

God Patent, The*; Ransom Stephens; 2-Apr-2013; highly recommended

Gold Bug Variations, The*; Richard Powers; 12-Sep-2012;  recommended

Honest Look, The; Jennifer Rohn; 10-Oct-2012; highly recommended

Hole in Texas, A; Herman Wouk; 14_Oct-2013

Intuition*; Allegra Goodman; 12-Sep-2012

Kepler*; John Banville; 11-Apr-2013

Measuring the World; Daniel Kehlmann; 18-Mar-2013;  recommended

Menachem’s Seed:  Carl Djerassi; 19-Oct-2013

Mendel’s Dwarf; Simon Mawer, 27-Jul-2013; recommended

Middlemarch, George Eliot, 16-Aug-2013

The Only Witness, Pamela Beason; 1-Sep-2013; recommended

Petroplague; Amy Rogers, 21-May-2013

Pharmacology is Murder; Dirk Wyle; 8-Jun-2013

Properties of Light*; Rebecca Goldstein; 11-Apr-2013

Seaside Pleasures; Ann Lingard; 20-Jul-2013

The Sensory Deprivation; Ransom Stephens; 18-Apr-2014

Solar; Ian MacEwan; 10-Mar-2014

Thinks…; David Lodge; 21-Apr-2013; highly recommended

Two on a Tower; Thomas Hardy; 24-Aug-2013

Whiff of Death, A; Isaac Asimov; 2-Jun-2012; highly recommended

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