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My review of The God Patent by Ransom Stephens is now live on the Lab Lit website. This is a wonderful mix of real science, science-fiction and religion, with a collection of appealing characters, about as different from each other as conceivable. If you are looking for fiction about science and scientists, Stephen’s  novel deserves your attention if for no other reason than it’s portrait of Emmy Nutter, an irresistible physicist as captivated by her work as most people are by their first love affair. The God Patent was on my list of reviews for this blog, but I was so enchanted by it, I decided to search for a larger audience for my review. It has a remarkably wide appeal. It’s not just for fans of fiction about science and lab lit. It’s a kind of crossover from the science-fiction genre. (See my commentary on the difference in an earlier post.) Beyond that, readers who are interested in the clash between science and religion, especially as it pertains to the creation of the universe and the existence of the soul, will find The God Patent a beguiling read.

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