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Review of “The Only Witness” by Pamela Beason

I’ll begin by noting that this review is the first time I’ve ever reviewed a novel written by a friend. Pam Beason was a member of a critique group I formed a year ago, and I’ve read a part of Undercurrents (Berkeley Prime Crime, 2013), her third novel in the Summer Westin Mystery Series, when […]

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The Scientist as Amateur Sleuth

I know it appeals to the popular imagination, but I just don’t buy the premise of a popular form of murder mystery, what I call the “amateur sleuth concept.”  The idea’s very simple.  The main character is anything but a detective – librarian, architect, chemistry professor or graduate student.  Then murder strikes in a place […]

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Review of “A Whiff of Death” by Isaac Asimov

A Whiff of Death is an early (1958) mystery by Isaac Asimov, a writer best known for his science fiction. It’s a classic, well-executed whodunit, complete with a surprise ending, and it fits the LabLit definition as well. If you’re a fan of this genre, it’s a great example of the scientist turned sleuth, especially […]

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