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Review of “Solar” by Ian McEwan

The British writer, Ian McEwan, is an acknowledged master of the novel form. In Solar, as in his earlier Saturday, a scientist is the central character in a drama that involves his knowledge and professional expertise only tangentially. I say this with some trepidation because I’m sure some readers will want to argue with it […]

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Is Nobel Science Noble?

My sixth grade teacher asked us to write a report on a career we were interested in.  I did mine on nuclear physics, and from then on I thought I knew where I was headed in life!  In college, however, two literature courses and an introduction to philosophy changed my mind, and I went on […]

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Review of “Cantor’s Dilemma” by Carl Djerassi

Although Cantor’s Dilemma was published in 1989, my earlier searches for fiction about science never turned up this book or even Djerassi’s name, and I’ve been asking myself why.  Once I started the book six months ago, I couldn’t put it down because for the first time, I felt I was reading about real scientists […]

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